Kauniainen, Finland

Marjo Kekki

I’m Marjo Kekki and I teach Swedish and English at Kasavuori Secondary school and I have been teaching there since 2001. I’m also a language immersion teacher in Swedish. I’m interested in new learning environments and digital education.

Jonna Killström

I’m Jonna Killström. I have been teaching biology, geography and health studies in Kasavuori secondary school and Kauniainen High School since 2006. I am 100% committed to promoting sustainable development in our school!

Harri Pöyhtäri

I’m Harri Pöyhtäri, Technical Work teacher in Kasavuori School and Mäntymäki School in Kauniainen, I have been teaching there since 2009. I was born in Rovaniemi Lapland, where two of Finland’s biggest rivers meet, so rivers mean a lot to me. I’m interested in rivers worldwide, handcrafts, art painting, fishing, listening and doing music, I also like singing and playing guitar.