Gerard Kapuscik


Manager, Strategic Resiliency Group
Ventura County Public Works Agency, Watershed Protection District

Ventura County Watershed Protection was formed, in part, to provide for the control and conservation of flood and stormwaters, and for the protection and maintenance of watercourses, watersheds, and life and property in the District from damage or destruction from storm flows or flooding. The District was originally established on September 12, 1944 as the “Ventura County Flood Control District” (VCFCD). On January 1, 2003, the name was changed to the Ventura County Watershed Protection District to reflect changes in community values, regulatory requirements, and funding opportunities. The name change also reflected the District’s desire to emphasize integrated watershed management and to solve flood control problems with environmentally sound approaches. The District’s mission is to protect life, property, watercourses, watersheds, and public infrastructure from the dangers and damages associated with flood and stormwaters. Goals of the District include:

  • Comprehensive, long range watershed planning;
  • Collaboration with watershed stakeholders;
  • Administration of adopted regulations, policies and resolutions;
  • Responsible and accountable use of public resources; and
  • Excellence in public service